Hyeri Becomes UNICEF Honors Club Member

She has made over 100 million KRW in donations.

Singer and actress Hyeri has become a member of the UNICEF Honors Club, a group of people who have donated over 100 million KRW ($84,900 USD).

According to Creative Group ING, Hyeri will be participating in the Honors Club ceremony to receive her plaque on July 26th.


The UNICEF Honors Club is a group of sponsors who have donated more than 100 million KRW ($84,900 USD) to children around the world. Celebrities who are members of this club include Ahn Sung Ki, Kim Yuna, Kim Hye Soo and BTS Jin.


In addition to donations, Hyeri is scheduled to participate in various activities related to UNICEF including the “Schools for Asia” campaign, which is a project for giving educational support to children in 11 Asian countries including Mongol, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangledash, Laos and Vietnam.

Hyeri’s donations will go towards school construction, educational material support, AIDS prevention, lifestyle education and teacher training programs so that underprivileged chidlren within Asia can receive education under a safe and clean environment.

Source: Joy News 24