Hyeri Winning Lottery Revealed To Be Cruel Prank By TV Show

The lottery ticket that Girls’ Day Hyeri won live on television is being revealed as a hoax, by the production company.

Earlier today, Hyeri was shocked when she was given a lottery ticket and announced to have won ₩20,000,000 ($17,672 USD). Her agency even confirmed the news, revealing that it was not a prank and totally by luck.

However, it’s now being revealed that both Hyeri and Dream T Entertainment were both tricked. The lottery ticket was totally fake and a hoax by the TV Show, “The New Yang Nam Show”.

To clarify the current situation, we checked with the production staff of the show and verified that it was indeed a prank.

Even our managers at the show’s filming were duped. It is true that Hyeri did win with her ticket but after further clarification with the show’s staff – it was verified that it was a prank after all.

—  Dream T Entertainment

Watch the moment that Hyeri truly believes she won the lottery below:


Source: Osen

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