Hyewon Had Some Adorably Awkward Interactions With Lia And Tzuyu At The MGMA’s

Two more beautiful girls to add to Hyewon’s growing harem.

Award shows are always perfect places for interactions between idols we don’t normally see and the 2019 M2 x Genie Music Awards were no exception.

IZ*ONE, TWICE and ITZY were all present at the star-studded event and this brought some adorable interactions between members.

IZ*ONE member Hyewon is known for befriending many beautiful girls across Asia. It doesn’t matter where Hyewon goes, she seems to be able to get along with anyone.

After the event had concluded and all the attendees came on stage to celebrate and wave goodbye, Hyewon ended up beside TWICE’s Tzuyu who she engaged with in conversation.

Who knows what they spoke about but it’s not unlikely that Hyewon used some of her signature charm on Tzuyu.

After saying goodbye to Tzuyu, Hyewon was quick to greet ITZY’s Lia. The pair shared a cute awkward interaction before Hyewon moved away.

It looks like Kwangbae has two new friends to add to her army.