Hyolyn Announces That Her First And Oldest Cat Rino Has Passed Away

May Rino rest in peace.

Hyolyn recently announced that her first and oldest cat, Rino, has passed away.

Hyolyn with her cat Rino | Allure Korea

Hyolyn took to her Instagram account on November 30th to announce to her fans that her oldest cat, Rino had passed away. She stated that she found Rino passed away on the floor when she returned home from her schedule, and it was an unexpected loss for her.

BAE…[Hyolyn’s fandom name]

I am deeply saddened by the untimely loss of Rino,

my first and dearest cat.

I had no idea that morning when we greeted each other with a bright smile…

would also be our farewell.

I had come home to a painful and agonizing scene of Rino helplessly lying on the ground.


She then talks about how she hopes Rino is in a better place, and thanks fans for loving Rino all this time.

I will always miss you and forever keep you in my heart.

I can’t wait to see you again… soon.

My lovely BAEs, thank you so much for loving Rino…


Hyolyn is known to be a huge animal lover and is known to have owned at least 4 cats, even doing photoshoots with her beloved pets.

You can read her entire post here. May Rino rest in peace.