Hyolyn Is Moving Out Of Her Neighborhood Because She Parties Too Hard

“If she didn’t fix the problem even after multiple complaints by neighbors, that says something about her character.”

It has been reported that Hyolyn is dealing with some conflict with her neighbors and as a result, has put her home, which she bought only one year ago, up for sale.

Hyolyn was known to have often held parties at her home with friends and the noise made by those parties have upset her neighbors, who have apparently filed complaints.


Hyolyn bought a unit in a luxury villa called Star Palace, which is located in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, in January 2017 for approximately $934,000 USD.


A little over a year and a half later, the villa is now worth $1.3 million USD. But according to a real estate agent in the area, Hyolyn has put her home up for sale on the market for only a little over $1 million USD with the aim to move out as quickly as possible.

“Hyolyn ran into trouble with her neighbors quite frequently. She called over her friends and acquaintances late at night and enjoyed noisy parties, causing the neighbors to complain. As a result, Hyolyn has put her home, which is worth approximately $1.3 million USD, up for sale at $1.06 million USD to move out.” ㅡ Real Estate Affiliate


Other witnesses have indirectly confirmed the real estate agent’s claims with one convenience store employee indicating that he remembered seeing Hyolyn with her friends come to the store to buy alcohol.

“I don’t see her often these days but up until a few months ago, I often saw her. She came with a bunch of people from her agency or her female friends to buy things. Usually, they came past 11 pm to buy alcohol and snacks.” ㅡ Seongbuk-dong Convenient Store Employee


Although the reports have not yet been confirmed, some netizens have already begun to criticize her for troubling her neighbors, even going as far as to attack her character.

  • “If she didn’t fix the problem even after multiple complaints by neighbors, that says something about her character.”
  • “A real nuisance. She acts how she looks.”
  • “Makes her look so cheap.”
  • “Someone no one should meet as a neighbor. A character that sells a $1.3 million house for $1 million because of neighbor complaints.”
  • “If you’re not going to think of your neighbors and party your a** off noisily with hoards of people, then please go live in a detached house out in the middle of nowhere.”


Others were more sympathetic but still indicated that Hyolyn was in the wrong.

  • “I can’t believe they make an article out of this…I feel bad for celebrities.”
  • “In the neighbors’ perspective, if they went as far as to file complaints, they must’ve been very stressed out…”
  • “Those neighbors must have been so stressed out…”
  • “She should have just rented a nice party room, why do it at her home when there are so many other families living in the same building…”
  • “She was a little careless.”


Meanwhile, Hyolyn is set to make a comeback on July 20th with her third single, “See Sea”.

Source: Sky e daily, Instiz and Nate