Hyolyn Nails Her “Layin’ Low” Choreography Right Away Despite Learning It Over FaceTime

She’s truly an ace!

Hyolyn‘s choreography is always complex and incredible, and she recently revealed that she started learning her extremely difficult “Layin’ Low” choreography over FaceTime!

Hyolyn | @xhyolynx/Instagram

In a new YouTube video, Hyolyn gave fans a look into the process of learning the “Layin’ Low” choreography.

| HYOLYN/YouTube

The “Layin’ Low” choreography is full of difficult moves, including complex floorwork, splits, and a headstand split.

While this dance would be difficult for pretty much anyone who’s not Hyolyn to perfect, Hyolyn mastered the dance fairly quickly. In her choreography behind video, she revealed that she started learning the dance over FaceTime calls with her choreographer, Nicole Kirkland.

Nicole Kirkland | @nicolekirkland/Instagram

Nicole Kirkland is based in Los Angeles, so she and Hyolyn FaceTimed to work on the choreography until Hyolyn traveled to Los Angeles. Although video calls aren’t the most ideal way to learn a dance, Hyolyn was able to not only pick up on all the moves but also add her own style to what she learned over FaceTime.

When she finally got to review the choreography in person with Nicole, Hyolyn easily kept up with the choreographer and added stylistic embellishments to the moves right away. She added head rolls and extra hip movements to put some of her personal style in the choreography.

Hyolyn only had 4 days to practice with her choreographer and dancers before she filmed the dance practice video, and she perfected even the most complicated dance moves during those few days. As always, she thanked her dancers and Nicole Kirkland for their hard work and for their help with making the “Layin’ Low” choreography truly unforgettable!

Check out the full video below.