Hyolyn Reminisces About Her Time In SISTAR and Reveals Which Member Contacts Her the Most

“Whenever I see something that the members used to like, I think of them.”

Hyolyn joined radio show host Kim Shin Young on the program Hope Song at Noon and confessed she misses SISTAR members daily.


Kim Shin Young welcomed Hyolyn on set, explaining she begged the production team to invite the former SISTAR member-turned-sexy-solo-diva to the show.

“You’re flying solo now. How is that, is it any different from when you were in a girl group?”

— Kim Shin Young


Hyolyn revealed, while she is conquering the summer season with her latest bop, she misses SISTAR members in all moments of her life these days.

“You know, as a group, we used to all live together. So now that I’m alone, I’m reminded of them all the time. Like when I eat or when I’m just hanging out… Whenever I see something that the members liked, I think of them.”

— Hyolyn


When Hyolyn mentioned the sensation is similar to missing an ex post break-up, Kim Shin Young playfully asked which member is still super-clingy with her.

“Clingy? I’d say Dasom. Just yesterday, she messaged me pictures of her watching my music video at home and said she watched it like 30 times. She kept telling me like, ‘Unnie, you’re the best’ or ‘Unnie, you rock’ and ‘Unnie, I miss you’…”

— Hyolyn


Hyolyn pointed out that is how Dasom shows support and that she appreciates Dasom’s affection.

“That’s her way of being affectionate though. She’s super cute and I love her.”

— Hyolyn


Hyolyn, having established an independent agency of her own, looks forward to venturing out of the K-Pop norm and trying new things that intrigue her as an artist.


Watch the full clip and Hyolyn’s live version of “See Sea” on the show below: