[★TRENDING] Hyosung Exposes Secret Methods Idols Use To Date Each Other

SECRET Hyosung appeared on the variety talk show Video Star and revealed how the newer generation idols start their secret relationships.

Hyosung the spy

In the past idols would secretly send messages to one another by taping their love notes or phone numbers to the bottom of water bottles, and having their manager deliver the bottles to the other group’s manager.

Hyosung revealed that with modern technology and the variety of private messaging apps, it’s now easier than ever for idols to reach out to one another without anyone finding out.

One app that idols commonly use to talk secretly and arrange dates is Instagram via the Direct Messages feature.

After Hyosung revealed the detailed intricacies of modern day idol dating, she was quick to add that this was not her personal experience but about her junior groups!

Source: Sports Donga