Hyosung reveals she lost weight after appearing on “Real Men”

SECRET member Hyosung recently held her comeback showcase following the release of her 2nd solo mini-album Colored on March 28th.

Her showcase was held at 4pm KST at Yes24 Muv Hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul, performing some of the songs off her newest release including the title track “Find Me.”

With the subject of her weight coming up, Hyosung revealed to her audience, “My current weight right now is 47.9kg (approximately 105 lb).” She adds that not long ago, her weight became a topic among fans when it was brought up that she seemed to have gained weight. As an answer, she states that having a healthy and fit body is her main focus and that she has been doing pilates as part of her exercising program in order to have a strong and fit body.

Hyosung additionally adds that she had recently weight herself and had lost weight due to Real Men with the scale showing her at 47.9kg.

Meanwhile, Hyosung will be starting her promotions with the lead track “Find Me” this week on music shows.

Source: Newsen

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