Hyosung Reveals Why She Took The Korean History Exam

Hyosung goes above and beyond to learn Korean history after one mistake she made.

During a recent interview with HIM magazine, singer and actress Hyosung opened up about her life and music career.

She recently started a YouTube channel that highlights her daily life. Her hope is to be able to communicate more with her fans through her channel.

She also touched upon her music and revealed that she wanted to focus on music that she enjoys rather than music that does well on the charts.

When asked about her past controversial comment made on a radio station broadcast, she answered,

“I could not forgive myself. So I decided to study for the Korean History Exam. Instead of doing it to show others, I wanted to do it for myself.”

In 2013, she made an appearance with group SECRET for the SBS radio show, Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, and misused the term “democratize” in a derogatory way. The clip below reveals the comment she made on the show.

In the video, Hyosung comments,

“SECRET does not ‘democratize’ anyone as we respect everyone’s individuality.”

The word “democratization” was defined as the transition from an authoritarian regime to a more democratic political regime, and has been used by the Ilbe online community. Ilbe (right-wing populist website) users use the term to mean ‘the citizens create chaos’, ‘to destroy’, or ‘to make disappear’.

She has taken the Korean History Exam in 2013 and 2018 and currently holds a level 3 certificate.

Most recently, she has participated in the MBC Campaign Documentary, Memory Luck, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.

Check out her episode down below:


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