Hyosung From SECRET Reveals Proof Of Her True Body Measurements – And It’s Ridiculous

Is she a real person?!

Jun Hyosung, former member of SECRET, is an icon for her unbelievable body physique! As many wondered what kind of exercise and dietary lifestyle she leads to maintain her body, she decided to reveal her true measurements to the world through her recent YouTube video.

In the video, she revealed that she hasn’t been taking much care of her body in the past 6 months due to her hectic schedule. But she visited the gym to get her InBody measurements and begin her summer workouts.

After taking her measurements, her trainer revealed that she is lacking muscle mass and immediately put her on intense pilates workouts!

Although her InBody showed that she was still fit, she believes that the way you look physically (checking with your eyes) is also very important.

I think InBody measurements are important but I think Eye-Body measurements are more important.

— Hyosung

So she measured her body right then and there on camera! She personally took a measuring tape and filmed clear evidence of her body line.

Her measurement results were: 50.3cm for her thickest thigh, 50cm for her right thigh, 25in for her waist, 27cm for her left arm, and 26cm for her right arm.

Despite her measurements being fit, healthy, and goal-worthy, she plans on exercising more to make herself smaller for the summer!

She vowed, “I’ll see how much I change in a month. Let’s all get healthy together!

Does she need to lose more weight? We don’t think so, but the queens going to do what makes her happy and healthy!