Hyoyeon Reveals The Inside Of Her Super Luxury House

Hyoyeon unveiled the inside of her luxury apartment for the first time and netizens are amazed by the overflowing luxury!

Hyoyeon appeared on SBS’s It’s Ok To Be A Little Crazy, a variety show that invites celebrities and introduce their trendy hobbies.

Hyoyeon was shown inside her apartment, getting ready to go outside to enjoy her hobby… and what a view!

Hyoyeon’s apartment was very well organized and full of luxurious decorations.

Hosts and netizens were stunned by Hyoyeon’s shiny apartment.

Hyoyeon’s apartment also has a stunning view right outside her wide window with nothing blocking her view.

Hyoyeon’s apartment also has a hot commodity in Seoul: a wide balcony, which was full of camping gear.

Apparently, Hyoyeon is crazy about winter camping and collecting camping gear.

Now, THAT’s a luxurious apartment!

Source: Dispatch