Hyoyeon Names Her Top 3 Favorite Girls’ Generation Songs—Here’s Why She Chose Them

You’ll probably agree with her choices a hundred percent!

Girls’ Generation is a 14-year-old girl group, and over their long career, have dropped some of the biggest bops ever! From their debut song, “Into The New World”…

…to “Genie”…

…and “Lion Heart”, they’ve had hit after hit, and are incredibly successful names in the industry!

Given the great number of hits they’ve had over the years, Hyoyeon was asked to choose her top 3 favorites, and it was no easy decision! She ultimately chose their debut song, “Into The New World”, for the number 3 spot, and shared that it was special simply because it was their first-ever song!

I can never miss this. My heart’s no. 1, “Into The New World”!


She then named their 2013 hit song “I Got A Boy” as her second choice, because the fun concept made it super popular internationally, and it broke the record of fastest K-Pop MV to achieve over 20 million views at the time!

The second song is…”I Got A Boy”! It was really popular overseas!


And the song that takes Hyoyeon’s no. 1 spot is none other than their wildly popular song, “Gee”!

No. 1 song is… We probably danced to this song the most. It’s “Gee”!


Girls’ Generation’s songs are all timeless bops, and every single on of them deserve their spot on Hyoyeon’s list!

Hyoyeon made her comeback with the single “Second” ft. BIBI!

Watch it here!

Source: Youtube

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