“Hypocritical And Deceitful” — Fans Slam SM Entertainment And Ticketmaster After NCT DREAM Ticket Sales

Ticket prices changed around two hours after they went on sale.

Fans were initially thrilled when it was announced that NCT DREAM would bring their world tour, THE DREAM SHOW 2: In A Dream, to different places worldwide.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Following the European ticket sales, fans in the United States waited with bated breath for information about the tour. Unfortunately, nothing was shared until March 7 – just 29 days before the New York concert.

Many questions remained after this announcement, including ticket prices and floor setup, some of which were answered by the venues holding the events instead of the promoters.

When ticket sales happened on March 10, fans were shocked to see the extremely high ticket prices throughout the venue.  Seats on the general admission floor were priced at over $500 USD for some venues, while “nosebleed” seats sold for upwards of $250 USD.

While fans were not pleased with these prices, what happened later sent many into a rage against both SM Entertainment and Ticketmaster.

As fans settled into their purchases, several returned to the various ticketing sites to see what remained. Tickets in the same sections were found to have dropped dramatically in price — closer to what some fans revealed were the initial prices listed by the venues.

Ticket prices were listed by the Toyota Center, NCT DREAM’s concert venue in Houston, before sales. | Toyota Center 

While Ticketmaster is known for its “platinum seats,” which are often expensive and change price based on demand, fans felt that subjecting the entire venues to “dynamic pricing” should not have happened.

Another point that fans brought up is that SM Entertainment claimed that their ticket prices were lower than HYBE‘s in a PowerPoint shared by the company.

| SM Entertainment

Since ticket sales, some fans have been able to get refunds for their tickets and purchase lower-priced ones. However, according to Ticketmaster’s replies to fans, this will no longer happen as the “Event Organizer has not given authorization” to process any refunds.

SM Entertainment nor Ticketmaster have released statements clarifying what happened during the ticket sales. Fans of musicians have already pressured the government to investigate Ticketmaster — you can read more about that below.

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