Hyun Bin Revealed To Have Secretly Donated 200 Million Won To Coronavirus Without Anyone Knowing

He was one of the first to donate.

Actor Hyun Bin was belated reported to have donated 200 million won to the fight against the coronavirus and COVID-19. He had actually donated a week about to the non-profit organization, Community Chest of Korea, but no one had known about it because he had done it in secret.

He donated 200 million won (~$170,000 USD) but didn’t even tell his agency about it. He had reportedly asked the organization to keep quiet about his donation as well.

Hyun Bin had released a letter through his company’s Instagram, wishing his best for those affected by the virus. Reports claimed he had secretly donated soon after releasing the letter.


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You might be spending day after day anxious and worrying over the Coronavirus disease 2019 which is occurring all over the world and throughout Asia including China and Japan as well as Korea. I’d like to ask after your health at least by writing to express my worry over whether the place you are at is safe.

Just as we’ve always overcome difficulties by cheering each other on despite difficult times, I hope the Coronavirus disease 2019 passes by as soon as possible.

I also appreciate those working tirelessly day and night to eradicate the virus, and I will cheer them on until the end. Furthermore, I sincerely wish the quick recovery of those suffering from its infection.

Again, I hope all those reading this are able to maintain their safety and health from the virus and I will pray this incident safely passes by.

February 21, 2020

— Hyun Bin

Many are praising Hyun Bin for his humility while making a generous contribution. They complimented how he did not try to use his donation as a PR tactic but solely for the fight against the deadly pandemic.

Hyun Bin is well known to be a generous philanthropist as he’s been listed into the “Honor Society” of people who continually donate to causes in need.

Source: Star News