Hyuna Answers Recent Rumors About Getting Lip Fillers

She personally responded.

Hyuna was recently accused of getting cosmetic surgery done on her lips as she was seen at the airport with her lips looking fuller than before.

Left: Hyuna before, Right: Hyuna recently


Many claimed she got lip fillers injected, but she personally denied the claims through her Instagram.


She posted an image of how she became the #1 searched keyword on search engines and explained how she was shocked by how a little change in her makeup could cause so much uproar. She also condemned the haters who immediately turned to malicious comments.

Me with no eye makeup and overlined lips is me. I enjoy the fact that I can change how I look with heavy makeup or light makeup.☺️I also enjoy the fact that I can daily change how I look thanks to my schedules.

What I don’t like are the malicious comments that come so naturally.

— Hyuna


When the media asked her agency to confirm if she indeed got plastic surgery, they responded in the best way possible, inferring that it was ridiculous to have to confirm or deny someone’s personal matters.

Why do we have to confirm if she got fillers on her lips? We’ll check for now.



No matter if Hyuna decides to change her makeup or get fillers, let the Queen do as she pleases!

Source: Sports Today