HyunA Shows Off Flawless Body During Recent Night Swim

One word describes it all: QUEEN.

HyunA has recently uploaded photos from a night swim that show off her flawless body.


HyunA has seemingly traveled to a warmer country where she has been enjoying her days under the bright sunlight.


Among these photos were a few that were taken while she was taking a swim at night.


Some of them were taken in black-and-white…


And some in color…


But in all the photos, she seemed to be having the time of her life!


Fans couldn’t help but rave about these photos, complimenting the star on her beauty and amazing body.

  • “Oh my goodness. Her body is flawless.”
  • “Looks like a photoshoot.”
  • “Why are you so beautiful.”
  • “If I looked like HyunA, I’d take pictures all day long. How are you so pretty?”
  • “Queen!”