HyunA And Her Brother Is How We All Act With Our Siblings

Take a peek into HyunA’s daily life!

Singer HyunA posted the second episode of her daily life on her YouTube channel HyunA-ing and revealed her brother who is 8 years younger.

The video shows HyunA spending time with her family for the Korean holiday, Chuseok. Scenes of her and her younger brother caught the attention of fans as they seemed just like any other family with siblings.

Her brother commented, “Although you promoted your YouTube channel, I guess your power wasn’t strong enough.” HyunA replied with, “When just looking at your face, you look so much older than me.”

Her uncles also made an appearance on the episode with their interesting sense of fashion. Her cousin also commented, “I follow you on Instagram and you are always posting about your boyfriend. I’m thinking about un-following you,” making HyunA laugh.

Fans are happy to get a peak into HyunA’s life through her YouTube channel.

Watch this episode below!

Source: newsen