HyunA’s Dancers Reveal The Coolest Thing About Her And It’ll Melt Your Heart

“What’s cool about HyunA?”

Fans of HyunA are well aware of her kind personality. From her sweet voice to her love for DAWN and her fans, HyunA’s warm-hearted personality is evident. Apparently, HyunA’s caring personality is the coolest thing about her!

HyunA (center) | @Hyunah_aa

The genuine personality of HyunA is proved in the behind the scene video of her latest music video for “I’m Not Cool,” especially when she is seen taking care of her dancers.

As a hard-working and sweet artist, HyunA personally ordered accessories for her dancers to wear in the music video. A crew member recognized HyunA’s kind act and stated, “you seem to care for each and every one of your dancers.”

HyunA revealed her lovely feelings towards her dancers. Her comment will melt your heart!

Yes. They are all so beautiful and so kind. As we were rehearsing, I grew more and more fond of them. They are all such hard workers. Great teamwork with amazing synergy, especially for this project. Guess it’s because we plowed through difficult times together.

— HyunA

The dancers were asked, “What’s cool about HyunA?” Dancer Bitna Choi answered with a compliment and claimed, “She’s such a warm person.

Another dance by the name of Hee Jin Lim revealed that “she has such a cool personality and always bought us coffee. She always got us meals.

Fellow dancer Myung Jae Kim shared that “She’s just so caring that it took me by surprise.”

Her manager also added that HyunA often buys everyone meals. How caring is she?!

HyunA’s Artists and repertoire (A&R) revealed HyunA’s cool because “she’s so much more caring than she lets on.” and shared that HyunA takes care of her a lot.

Clearly, HyunA’s is very cool on and off the stage through her loving and kind personality!

Check out the the video below: