HyunA Answers A Question About Whether She Wishes Her Album or Dawn’s Album Does Better

She answered in complete honesty.

K-Pop power couple, HyunA and Dawn, are dropping their latest albums in just a couple of hours! HyunA sat down for an interview about her comeback with new album, titled “FLOWER SHOWER”.

There, she was asked whether she wants her album or her boyfriend Dawn’s album to do better. Ever the honest queen, she comically answered, “Of course I wish mine does better!


This will be HyunA’s first comeback since joining her new agency, P-NATION, with Dawn. Her last hit was “Lip & Hip”, which dropped back in 2017.


Dawn’s upcoming album, titled “MONEY”, will be his official solo debut since leaving Cube Entertainment and PENTAGON following his dating announcement with HyunA.


HyunA’s full interview is set to drop on tonight’s Night Of Entertainment TV, where she also revealed that she was the one to confess her feelings to Dawn first! HyunA will be dropping more details about their upcoming album and their relationship tonight!

Source: Sports Chosun