HyunA And DAWN Are Constantly With Each Other During Their Individual Promotions, And The Reason Is So Sweet

“I think I’m almost always there when HyunA is promoting.”

HyunA and Dawn recently appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ to promote their new album 1+1=1! During their appearance, the two proved they are the ultimate couple through their sweet words.

As many know, Hyuna and Dawn are the cutest couple and endlessly show loving support for one another! The two have proven their adorable relationship through social media, interviews, their individual music, matching clothes, and now their new album!

| @cultwoshow/Instagram

It seems the two are inseparable and confirmed it during the show. Dawn shared “I think I’m almost always there when HyunA is promoting.” Dawn continued and shared that while he sticks to Hyuna, Hyuna also follows him around as well.

But HyunA follows me whenever I’m promoting. It’s really nice. We are one.

— Dawn

While some find it excessive, Dawn clarified that he finds it comforting to have Hyuna by his side, especially during busy promotions.

It gives me a lot of strength when I’m promoting. I’m busy when I’m active, but she helps organize my schedule and takes care of things I can’t take care of. It’s comfortable.

— Dawn

Hyuna agreed with Dawn’s words and confirmed, ” I think it does help a lot.”