HyunA and DAWN (Formerly E’Dawn) Announce First Album Releases Under P-NATION

They’re coming!

HyunA and DAWN (formerly known as E’Dawn) will be releasing new albums, and their first one under P-NATION, on the same day, November 5.

P-NATION announced that both HyunA and DAWN would be releasing new, separate albums on November 5. Earlier, PSY posted on his Instagram account about how the couple were extremely competitive with each other.

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@hyunah_aa @hyojong_1994 실로 특이한 커플입니다. 사랑과 무관하게 일은 서로 공유 안합니다. 서로의 타이틀곡, 안무, 뮤비 아이디어 등등 저에게만 알려주고 서로에겐 비밀이라고 합니다. 심지어 컴백시점을 놓고 서로 먼저 내겠다고 합니다. 언젠가 두 사람이 댄스배틀 함 하지 싶습니다. #따로또같이 #같이또따로 Truly a unique couple. While be lovers, they keep their works separate. Their new singles, choreographies, MV concepts were shared with me and kept as a secret from each other. Their competitive nature showed as they want to release their music first. I bet they soon gonna have a dance battle. #togetherbutindependent #independentyettogether

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P-NATION also commented on the two artists’ upcoming releases in a brief statement.

Please look forward to format and genres of music that both HyunA and DAWN show, as they are working to take new steps as artists.


The release of these albums will be the first albums released by either artist since they left Cube Entertainment and joined P-NATION. In addition, the release of his album will mark DAWN’s solo debut.

Source: Sports Chosun