HyunA And Dawn Reveal How They Inspire One Another During Interview For DAZED Magazine

A match made in heaven.

Celebrity couple HyunA and Dawn graced the April issue of DAZED Magazine as they partnered with Golden Goose for a 18-page exclusive photo shoot.

Both HyunA and Dawn have been taking some time off before preparing for their next promotions.

The two revealed that they feed off of each other’s positive energy, making them a great match. HyunA expressed that there are many things that she can learn from Dawn in terms of music.

He studies many things by himself such as music theory so he knows a lot more than me. I can always ask him things that I don’t know and it’s always nice to have a boyfriend that can give you a clear answer. Every time I see Dawn it’s a new feeling and I am always motivated by him.

Dawn added that he feels that HyunA has more of an artistic mind. “HyunA has more artistic sense in that people enjoy things she enjoys. I tend to rely on her more for things like trends and current flow of things.”

They are also vintage enthusiasts who enjoy going shopping together instead of dates. They fit well with the collaboration with Golden Goose because of the vintage feel of the brand.

HyunA commented, “The unique vintage and rock chic mood of the brand fits well with Dawn. Their sneakers are great too but I love their boots and clothing as well.”

Dawn reveals that he fell in love with clothes in high school and he’s been obsessed ever since.

I’ve loved clothes ever since high school. Although I loved clothes, I didn’t have enough money and so I naturally turned to vintage items. Although they are more expensive now, I used to go to the vintage shops run by the elderly near Dongmyo first before checking out the stores run by young shop owners.

You can check out the full photo shoot through the DAZED website and Instagram.

Source: xsportsnews