The Heartbreaking Reason HyunA Hasn’t Deleted Ex-Boyfriend Dawn’s Photos From Her Instagram

“They promised each other…”

HyunA is speculated to have kept her promise to her ex-boyfriend, Dawn.

Dawn (left) and HyunA (right) | DongA Ilbo

Recently, it was announced that HyunA and her controversial boyfriend, Yong Jun Hyung, were getting married. Fans’ fears of the couple’s union became true when soon after, the idols’ labels confrimed the news.

HyunA’s Agency Confirms Her Upcoming Marriage With Yong Junhyung

Amid this, netizens have noticed that HyunA, despite breaking up with Dawn, had not erased the pictures they had taken together.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 5.03.58 PM

Xports News speculated that the reason for this may be because of the former couple’s promise to one another. According to the news outlet, HyunA and Dawn had promised each other that they wouldn’t take down their photos.

Despite it being a year and 6 months since their break up, HyunA still has photos of Dawn on her Instagram page. It is known that the couple had promised not to delete their photos from their Instagram…

— Xports News

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Source: xports news
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