HyunA & DAWN Visit An Art Gallery Together, Sparking A New Round Of Rumors That They’re Back Together

DAWN’s agency responded.

Recently, HyunA shared a series of photos taken of painted flowers at an art gallery, which initially didn’t give any indication who she might have been with at the time.


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It turns out that she visited an art gallery located in Paju, Gyeonggi-do on February 12 in order to view an exhibit by her friend, an artist named Sanchae, who was with her during the visit. But that wasn’t the only person that accompanied HyunA to the gallery that day!

Sanchae herself recently shared some photos on her own Instagram account of the exhibit, and in one of the photos that was taken of five people, both HyunA and DAWN are tagged (helpfully, since it’s hard to clearly see their faces in the photo).

| @sanchaechae/Instagram

Since HyunA and DAWN broke up in December 2022 after a six-year-long relationship, there have been multiple occasions where rumors were sparked that the two might be back together. Seeing the two K-Pop soloists at the art exhibit together is the latest such situation, though the duo were accompanied by Sanchae and two others, including actress Lee Soo Jung.

HyunA & Sanchae | @sanchaechae/Instagram

DAWN’s new agency, AT AREA, responded to questions about the sighting with a short and simple statement.

DAWN is still on good terms with HyunA.


HyunA & Dawn | P NATION

The former couple denied that they were back together when the first rumor was started back on January 8, but when a similar rumor arose once again on January 27, the two never confirmed or denied it. At this time, no further information about their relationship status is known.