HyunA & DAWN’s Engagement Rings — Here’s Everything We Know So Far

They’re unique and precious, just like this couple.

K-Pop’s power couple, HyunA and DAWN are officially engaged, and they have the rings to prove it!

DAWN and HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram 

Today, after six years of dating, DAWN shared an Instagram Story and a photo captioned, MARRY ME?” . In it, DAWN and his bride-to-be wear matching rings that are just as unique as they are.

The rings were custom-made for the couple by Diligems, a Korean jewelry brand that specializes in handmade accessories. Diligems shared DAWN’s video to their own story, captioning it, “FINALLY!” From the looks of it, fans weren’t the only ones waiting for this announcement!

Rather than choosing a traditional diamond, DAWN and HyunA chose an opal as their bands’ primary gemstone.

Opals come in many varieties, but Diligems appears to have used a Brazilian opal. In the Middle Ages, opals were considered good luck charms. Today, a variety of meanings are attributed to opals, including love, passion, purity, faithfulness, and innocence.

DAWN and HyunA’s rings also have several smaller gemstones set into their silver bands that match the opal’s iridescent colors.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram  

On average, Diligems’ gemstone rings retail for $100 USD to $200 USD. Neither Diligems nor the couple has disclosed how much the engagement rings cost, but since these rings were custom-made and are inlaid with several precious jewels, the cost was most likely higher than $200 USD.

| Diligems

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Source: Diligems