Hyuna And E’Dawn Is One Of K-Pop’s Greatest Love Stories And They’ve Just Landed A Couple’s CF Deal

Hyuna and E’Dawn’s love is inspiring.

Hyuna and E’Dawn (who now goes by Hyojong) dominated Korean news last year as their love saga unfolded. Hyuna was a popular soloist under Cube Entertainment, often referred to as “the queen of Cube” and Hyojong was a member of Cube’s newest boy band PENTAGON who were just starting to take off.

Both were also members of Triple H, a three-person group which included Hyojong’s fellow PENTAGON member Hui. It was during the trio’s comeback with their EP “Retro Futurism” that Hyuna and Hyojong went public with their relationship.

The ripple was immediately felt throughout the K-Pop world as Cube’s share price began to tank as investors anticipated the public backlash from fans. Some PENTAGON fans became very upset as they were a relatively new fanbase and many saw this as a betrayal by Hyojong who, in their eyes, belonged to them. Hyuna’s fandom proved much more robust and were mostly supportive of the relationship.

Cube Entertainment experienced a public relations disaster as they flip-flopped on what their stance on the relationship was, first denying its existence completely before eventually going completely quiet on the subject. Hyojong was “temporarily” removed from PENTAGON and Hyuna’s public appearances were cancelled.

We now know that behind-the-scenes, Cube had issued an ultimatum to Hyuna and Hyojong. They had to either end their relationship or both would be removed from the company. After their obvious refusal, Cube terminated both their contracts.

Hyuna and Hyojong’s relationship persevered and the couple was signed to PSY’s newly-founded agency, P-NATION. They haven’t released any music yet but their future looks bright.

And now the couple has even landed a CF deal together. Hyuna and Hyojong have been named brand ambassadors for the German apparel company Puma.

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