Cube Entertainment States HyunA and E’Dawn’s Removal Is Not Yet Confirmed

Some speculate that the announcement was related to their stock price.

Following their official statement revealing that HyunA and E’Dawn will no longer be a part of Cube Entertainment, the agency is now stating that their removal was not confirmed by the top executives and that the decision was not yet final.

“HyunA and E’Dawn’s removal was being discussed and it has not yet been confirmed. We will need to discuss the matter further.” ㅡ Cube Entertainment


This comes after it was reported that HyunA and E’Dawn found out about their removal from the agency through the media.

HyunA And E’Dawn Found Out They Were Kicked Out Of Cube Entertainment Through The Media


In response to reports, Cube Entertainment changed their stance and highlighted the importance of the artists’ opinions, confirming that the decision was not final.

“This matter must be dealt with carefully after thorough review of opinions as the views of the artists in question are also very important. Their removal is not yet a final decision. The agency officials are currently in urgent discussions. We plan to do our best to incorporate the artists’ views before making the final decision.” ㅡ Cube Entertainment


Some media outlets have cautiously speculated that Cube Entertainment may have changed their stance due to their falling stocks.

As of September 13th after the announcement of HyunA and E’Dawn’s removal from the agency, Cube Entertainment’s share price dropped 6.57%P compared to the previous day and closed at 2,775 KRW. The share price, which began at 2,970 KRW, went down to 2,680 KRW at one point.

Source: Star News and Newsen