HyunA And E’Dawn Showed Off Their Adorable Chemistry At An Event

They look so cute together!

HyunA and E’Dawn (also known as Hyojong) were spotted at the launch of N21 in the Falleria Department Store in Apgujeong. The couple posed together and showed off their amazing chemistry.

Netizens are saying the two are dating nicely, and that the two celebrities appear to be full of love for one another. During the photo-taking, HyunA can be seen blocking the sun from E’Dawn’s eyes, causing hearts to flutter everywhere.

People are glad that the couple is still going strong and looking healthy and happy.

I just think that they look happy and they look good together.

– Korean Netizen

Even as the two left the photo-taking area, HyunA still held onto E’Dawn’s arm. The sweet couple charmed fans everywhere, with some saying they want a relationship as lovey-dovey as theirs.

Source: TheQoo


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