Hyuna is Going Viral Again, and it’s Pretty Clear Why

Hyuna is the queen of sexy concepts.

From a sexy appearance on SNL Korea in 2013 to today, Hyuna has never been a stranger to going viral.


Her amazing performances and hot concepts have put her in the spotlight on multiple occasions. She’s even had some photos go viral over and over again!

One of the photos of Hyuna that has gone viral on at least 3 separate occasions.


But you can never get too much Hyuna! The talented singer recently gave a performance at the Midnight Picnic 2018 Festival and a video of that performance has gone viral!


At the festival, Hyuna was performing “Red” when she took off her top and continued her performance in only her bra.


As expected the crowd went absolutely crazy and Hyuna continued to dance in the same way to “Bubble Pop”, with her backup dancers following suit.


The performance soon caught the attention of netizens and it started to blow up!


Netizens just couldn’t get enough of the ridiculously sexy show and thought it was a total badass move from the singer.


Whether you think she’s breaking stereotypes or is just plain sexy, you can clearly see why this video has gone viral.


Check out a few clips of her jaw-dropping viral video below!

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A post shared by 塞翁之馬 (@min_j.ii) on