HyunA Leaked Her New Song On Instagram And It’s Lit

Hyuna will be making a solo comeback soon!

HyunA recently leaked her new song on Instagram and everyone seems to agree that it’s sounding amazing.


Cube Entertainment recently confirmed that Hyuna is currently preparing for a new solo album.

“HyunA is currently preparing an album but the details of the album have not yet been decided.” ㅡ Cube Entertainment


This new album will be HyunA’s first comeback since “Lip & Hip” in December 2017 and after hearing the music leaked by the idol, it is evidently worthy of being excited for.

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“I’m crazy…I’m going to spoil my solo song too, I’ll spoil everything. Let’s listen to it together. I want you to hear it right away.” ㅡ HyunA


The song was apparently produced by Devine Channel, a group of producers and writers who are based in Los Angeles, California. The group has previously worked with other K-Pop artists including EXO, SHINee, TVXQ, VIXX and many more.

Devine Channel has produced K-Pop songs including EXO’s “Baby Don’t Cry”, SHINee’s “Sleepless Night” and TVXQ’s “Rumor and Steppin'”.


Anticipation for HyunA’s new album has been rising since the video was leaked and fans are absolutely loving it.

  • “Hyuna! The songs is so amazing…”
  • “Best spoiler song every.”
  • “Goddess…this is a hit song!”
  • “This is awesome.”
  • “Your voice is crazy…”
  • “I’m so excited I’m quaking.”
  • “It’s so good…”
  • “So excited.”
  • “I’m so curious~ I want to hear it now!”


Of course, fans couldn’t help but comment on her outrageous beauty as well.

  • “You’re so cute.”
  • “So beautiful!!”
  • “Hot…”
  • “She’s so gorgeous.”
  • “You are sooooo pretty.”
  • “I feel ATTACKED!!!!”


Meanwhile, HyunA is set to make a comeback with PENTAGON’s Hui and E’Dawn as the group Triple H on July 18th. Check out their teaser for “Retro Futurism” below!