HyunA Is Looking Healthier And More Glowing Than Ever In Recent Ab-Baring Post

She seems really happy too, which fans love to see.

HyunA‘s weight has fluctuated quite a bit during her time as an idol, from looking fit and glowing to having fans worry with how thin and fragile she’s looked.  The semi-recent stress from being removed from Cube Entertainment due to her relationship with Dawn seemed to make her drop weight quickly, making fans concerned for her well-being.

Thankfully, it seems like enough time has passed that HyunA is doing a lot better and looking even more healthy and happy than ever these days now that she’s working as a solo artist under P NATION alongside her boyfriend. In a recent update on Instagram, she can be seen looking content and extremely fit, baring her impressive abs to the camera before panning the phone over to Dawn and a cute dog. They appear to be working out in P NATION’s own practice studio.


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Maybe she needs to drop a workout routine video for fans to follow along with during this long quarantine! Since her last comeback, “Flower Shower”, was in November of last year, it’s also possible that she’s working on her next comeback. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, it’s so wonderful to see her looking so healthy!