HyunA Dishes On Drinking, Making Friends, And Changing Her Image

She’s taking on challenges so she can grow as a person.

Singer HyunA recently appeared as a guest on Jaejoong’s YouTube series, Jaefriends. In the episode, HyunA revealed that she had just started drinking as she never felt that alcohol tasted good before.

I’ve started drinking alcohol now. It’s been about half a year since I’ve started. I’ve never felt that alcohol tasted good. Soju is good now. I finally know what it means when people say soju is sweet. My unni’s gave me a nickname of ‘raw liver.’

In response, HyunA asked Jaejoong how much he drinks. Jaejoong replied, “I think it’s six to seven bottles.” HyunA revealed that she can only drink one bottle, which is too much, so she feels the best after half a bottle.

She also admitted that even if she doesn’t drink, she still gets the same high as her friends who do drink. “You can have fun like that, but if you drink alcohol, you can have more fun. It’s good to know that now. I don’t think I could have worked as hard if I had known about that sooner.”

She also revealed that she wanted to appear on the show because she had been thinking about making new friends for some time now.

When Jaejoong said that she seemed to have a lot of friends, she said, “I haven’t had any friends since I was young. I always stayed with the same people and our staff never changed. That’s why those family members are my friends. I’ve been living in the dorm since elementary school. As soon as I became an adult, I moved out of the dormitory. I thought it was so liberating and nice. I wanted to have my own space. It was really nice to have my own space.”

On the other hand, Jaejoong said, “I thought HyunA was 170cm tall.” HyunA replied, “When people pass by when they see me, they say, ‘That’s not HyunA. She’s not that short.’ My feet are 210 mm and my weight during my active period is 41 kg, so I’m very petite.”

HyunA also responded to her style and image, “I like my image. I made this signature style for myself and I don’t want to change it. They tell me to please do something innocent or cute. Aren’t there too many people who are good at it? I feel like I’ll just keep going the way I’m going.”

Netizens that watched the episode were shocked at her proportions.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “HyunA’s proportions are perfect, but didn’t know her feet were that small.”
  • “Wow her feet were that small? Her height isn’t that short.”
  • “I bet if she tried the pure and cute image she would have become the best in that field too.”
  • “210? What’s her height?”
  • “Wow baby feet!”
  • “Isn’t she like 160-163 cm tall? Wow she’s really skinny.”

Source: chosun and theqoo