HyunA Nearly Suffered A Dangerous Wardrobe Malfunction During A Performance

Some netizens claim she planned this on purpose for attention.

HyunA attended a university festival concert in 2019, where she almost faced a wardrobe malfunction during her “How’s This?” performance.

HyunA was dressed in a neon bikini top that tied in the center paired with loose white sweat pants.

During her performance, her enthusiastic dance moves got her top untied. HyunA didn’t notice it was untied until she accidentally brushed her top up with her arm, nearly exposing her breasts.

After realizing what had happened, HyunA kept her hand on her stomach as she continued performing with a good hold on her top from flying up again.

Her wardrobe malfunction was widely covered in the media as a group of malicious haters left perverted and critical comments about her performance. Some even claimed that she had planned it on purpose to get attention.

On the other hand, fans and other netizens praised HyunA for professionally handling the situation and continuing to put on a great performance!

Despite a little hiccup in her performance, HyunA didn’t let it stop her from owning the stage like the queen that she is!