Netizens Disappointed In HyunA For Her Use Of A Controversial Designer Bag

Fans are asking her to delete the picture of it.

HyunA is no stranger to controversial and unusual fashion choices, which a lot of fans love about her. However, her choice of a bag seen on her personal Instagram account has people questioning her decision this time around.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

On her most recent post on the social media platform, posted about a day ago, HyunA shares a series of photos of herself in her usual eclectic style with a short haircut.


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While fans enjoy the first couple of photos, it’s the last one that’s causing the controversy. In the picture, HyunA is walking away from the camera in a way that allows the bag she’s wearing to be seen. It’s a statement piece that looks like a pink rave bear with harnesses, goggles, and other unusual accessories.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

When you look at the comments on the post, they are overwhelmingly about the pink bag, and overwhelmingly critical and disappointed in HyunA’s ownership of it.

The reason for people’s disappointment in the choice of bag can be interpreted in a couple of ways. Some seem to think that it’s a Balenciaga bondage/BDSM bear backpack, which recently came under fire for using children in the promotional photos for the accessory.

One of the photos in question, with the child blurred out | Balenciaga

In the last several years, Balenciaga has been known for its seemingly intentionally controversial marketing and design choices, but this one was particularly poorly received because of the children involved in what is considered a “mature” item. The brand even issued a rare apology for the criticized promotional photos, but that hasn’t kept many people from still deciding to boycott the brand.

| Balenciaga

It turns out, however, that the bag that HyunA is seen using isn’t part of the Balenciaga BDSM bear bag line, or even an item from the luxury brand at all. It’s actually from the brand Dolls Kill, as seen on the company’s website.

| Dolls Kill
| Dolls Kill

But just because it’s not Balenciaga doesn’t mean that HyunA still isn’t getting criticism for other reasons. Dolls Kill has had a slew of its own controversies, ranging from stealing artwork from other artists, racist behavior, questionable t-shirt designs, and many other issues that have also led to plenty of people boycotting the brand.

Some of Dolls Kill’s most controversial products

It’s likely that some, or even most, of the people commenting on HyunA’s post know that the bag is from Dolls Kill, and that the brand is problematic enough for them to be disappointing seeing the K-Pop idol supporting them. This isn’t the first time she has worn the brand, though.

HyunA wearing other Dolls Kill products in the past

She’s also not the only K-Pop idol that has included Dolls Kill in their outfits. It’s actually pretty common among female K-Pop idols in particular, though it’s hard to know if it’s them or their stylist that chooses these products.

Dahyun (TWICE) wearing Dolls Kill
Sihyeon (EVERGLOW) wearing Dolls Kill
Hayoung (Apink) wearing Dolls Kill

Many would like to see K-Pop idols and their stylists stop supporting brands that have had questionable and problematic behavior in the past, but given how widespread Dolls Kill’s products are in the industry, we doubt it’s likely to happen anytime soon.


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