HyunA Reveals Why She Can Never Forget Her Hit Song “Bubble Pop”

“I can’t forget because…”

HyunA‘s always been known for her top-notch performance skills and catchy tunes, and she recently revealed why she will never forget her iconic hit songs, “Change” and “Bubble Pop”!


HyunA recently guested on Jessi’s Showterview, where she talked about tons of fun, as well as deep stuff with her friend and fellow P Nation labelmate, Jessi!

As part of the profile rewriting segment, Jessi had the staff play all of HyunA’s legendary hit tracks; from “Bubble Pop”…

…to “Trouble Maker”!

As “FLOWER SHOWER” played, HyunA hilariously spoke up, saying that the only songs she can remember are her recent releases, and her solo songs!

Wow I’ve aged, I can only recall the recent ones!


Apparently, the old unit’s dance [Trouble Maker], since we performed only during the promotions and then disbanded, it all resets. However, solo songs, thank god I remember!


Jessi then observantly mentioned her solo debut song “Change” and “Bubble Pop” as the two choreogrpahies she remembers especially well!

You seemed like you don’t forget the dance of “Change” and “Bubble Pop”.


HyunA then revealed the dance routines for the two songs were etched into her memory, because she was the one who created them!

| @4Minute 포미닛(Official YouTube Channel)/ Youtube

The choreography for “Change” and “Bubble Pop”…now I can say it! I can’t forget because I choreographed them! I’d say I particularly had lots of chances in my life. Trouble Maker, Triple H, 4MINUTE, Wonder Girls and my solo career… When I was given a chance, greed popped up, and I wanted to perform perfectly.


There’s a reason HyunA’s been a reigning dancing queen for more than a decade now!

HyunA made her comeback with the mini album I’m Not Cool, with a title track of the same name.

Watch her talk about her solo hit songs here.