Netizens Have Mixed Reactions Over HyunA’s New Tattoo

“Please tell me this is ballpoint pen or photoshop and not an actual tattoo.”

HyunA is no stranger to tattoos. In fact, at this point in time, the K-Pop soloist has over 25 known inks on her body, ranging from small designs on her fingers to larger and more intricate artworks on her back.


And according to one of her latest posts on Instagram, it seems like HyunA has added another tattoo to her impressive collection!

Some of HyunA’s other tattoos | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Shared on January 30, the tattoo is located on her shoulder blade underneath her “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive” design. The new ink, drawn in what is called an “ignorant style”, includes the words “ddasa” (which means “warm”) and “keem” (a different way to write her last name, “Kim”).

For the caption of the post, HyunA asks, “Should I color it in or not?”, looking for fan opinions on whether or not she should leave the tattoo as-is or get the lines filled in.

HyunA’s new tattoo | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

However, most of the comments on the post aren’t answering her question, but are from netizens and fans sharing their highly conflicting opinions on her new tattoo.

There were a lot of people that weren’t a huge fan of the messy style of the tattoo, and wondered whether or not it was what HyunA had in mind for the design when she got it.

Many others, however, came to HyunA’s defense, explaining that the “ignorant style” of tattoo is supposed to look messy and doodle-y, and that HyunA can do whatever she wants with the artwork she puts on her body.

And yet others saw a resemblance to logos from TWICE and McDonald’s in the new ink!


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What do you think of HyunA’s latest addition to her tattoo collection?


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