HyunA Fans Are Voicing Concerns With PNATION’s Treatment Of Her Career

They’re comparing it to PSY’s comeback.

Fans were excited to see iconic soloist HyunA return to the stage with her new mini album Nabillera.

HyunA | @OfficialPnation/Twitter

But while fans were excited to see HyunA performing, they are raising concerns about how PNATION has handled the comeback of one of their most popular artists.


The first concern is that PNATION only officially announced HyunA’s comeback a little over a week before its release.

| @OfficialPnation/Twitter

Although companies often experiment with the time between comeback announcements and releases, trying to maximize hype, fans believe that since they had been waiting for HyunA’s comeback for so long, the short period was unfair.

Fans were also frustrated that, rather than the full album comeback they were expecting, Nabillera was another mini album with only five songs.

| @OfficialPnation/Twitter

Nabillera has an incredible mix of songs, but fans felt cheated because HyunA had been excitedly talking about a full-length album. Not only were fans looking forward to it, but they think HyunA was probably upset that she had to release a mini album instead. And given HyunA’s excitement about a full album, fans assume that PNATION made the decision.

To add insult to injury, fans are frustrated that, after just releasing Nabillera two days ago, HyunA is allegedly in her last week of promotions for her album.

Although frustrated, some fans point out that HyunA’s promotions may be short to prioritize her health…

Or, hopefully, to allow her to focus on a bigger upcoming schedule.

Although many fans are extremely displeased with HyunA’s promotions, especially given her incredible fanbase, talent, and experience…

Some fans are actually grateful to PNATION for PSY‘s support of HyunA by allowing her creative freedom and even showing up to her music video filming.

PSY and HyunA | @42psy42/Instagram
| @42psy42/Instagram

In a couple of hours, HyunA’s mini album will be released. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for both HyunA and me, everything, including the track, choreo, and MV, it’s perfect!! Let us introduce to you the 2022 summer anthem. The choreo this time… man, the choreo is…

@42psy24 promoting HyunA’s comeback on his Instagram

But other fans point out that the amount of promotion PSY received for his comeback is too extreme of a difference from what PNATION’s other talented artists are receiving.

At this time, neither HyunA nor PNATION have responded to fans’ concerns.

You can watch “Nabillera” here.

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