HyunA Responds To Rumors Alleging She And Dawn Are Getting Back Together

The rumors stem from HyunA’s new piercing.

HyunA denied rumors alleging that she and Dawn were getting back together.

Dawn (left) and HyunA (right) | Eonline

According to SBS News, allegations of the couple reuniting stems from HyunA’s new piercing.

HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

HyunA recently showed off her newly pierced lips. The piercing spurred rumors of a reunion when it was pointed out that HyunA’s piercing resembled Dawn’s lip piercing.

According to multiple news reports, the piercing led to some netizens speculating the couple was getting back together.

Dawn | @hyojung_1994/Instagram

On January 10, news outlet Newsis reported that HyunA’s representatives denied the rumors and revealed that the former couple remains close friends.

The rumors of them getting back together are false. The two remain friends who eat together and remain on good terms.

— HyunA’s representative

The former power couple first started dating in 2016 and publicly acknowledged their relationship in 2018. The couple revealed they had broken up in November 2022.

Source: Newsis and SBS