HyunA Reveals The Sweet Moment Her Parents Fell In Love With DAWN

They are the most iconic couple in K-Pop!

HyunA and Dawn have definitely made big waves with their relationship and continue to make fans swoon over their lovely pair together! The couple has been together since 2016 and it appears the two are still crazy about one another! Besides HyunA and Dawn, there are a couple of other important people who are just as crazy about them two and that’s their very own parents!

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During the couple’s recent appearance on SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio show, Dawn and HyunA revealed their parent’s opinions on their relationship.

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Dawn started off and shared that despite his mother having high standards, she absolutely adores HyunA! In fact, Dawn shared that when the two had first met, his mother was quite nervous.

My mother is a general-like, and she was very nervous when she met HyunA. It’s amazing.

— Dawn

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HyunA then revealed her parent’s perspective on Dawn. Because of her “many health issues,” HyunA commented that her parents come to love how Dawn takes care of her and her health well.

They’ve come to adore him now. I have a lot of health issues that I’m battling. And once, my parents came to the MV shoot and saw how well Dawn takes care of me. They really appreciate Dawn and the effort he puts into looking after me.

— HyunA

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Moreover, HyunA made the adorable comment that her parents and Dawn are so close that they contact him more than they contact her. How cute is that?

Now I’m pretty sure they keep in touch with him more often than they do with me, so…

— HyunA

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