HyunA Spills On Her Secret To Taking Instagram-Worthy Photos

This simple trick is genius!

HyunA‘s Instagram photos are practically works of art!

HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

In an interview with Marie Claire Korea, HyunA shared her secret for taking bright, vibrant photos for her Instagram feed. She said fans have been filling her Instagram comment section with questions about how she takes her photos, so she decided to share her secret.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

As it turned out, HyunA’s trick was surprisingly simple. All she does is use the flash!

She said she usually uses her iPhone or a Leica camera to take her Instagram photos. If she’s using her iPhone, she makes sure that the flash is on before she takes her pictures.

HyunA also bought an additional manual flash for her Leica camera.

HyunA said she always uses the flash because they make the pictures look bright and vibrant. She said, “I take pictures with the flash on. It makes the pictures look bright. I like those kinds of pictures.” 

After hearing this trick, we’ll definitely stop turning the flash off on our phones!

Check out the full interview below.