HyunA Posts Update After Suffering Major Stage Accident

She shared the results she received from the emergency room.

On May 30, HyunA suffered a major stage accident during her performance at the Cheongju University festival.

The rain had caused HyunA to slip and fall hard during her performance of “Red”.


Despite the shock, she quickly got up and continued singing like a pro.


Later that day, she took to Instagram to share the clip of her accident, captioning it, “Still must sing even if I slip.”


When fans began voicing their concerns, HyunA gave them an update on the results she received at the emergency room.

Translation: “The CT exam from the emergency room was normal, my wrist x-ray normal, everything was normal so don’t worry!!! I’m really strong”


She added some photos of her face where she had apparently hit on the floor.


Moreover, she posted a video of the medicine she was prescribed and apologized to her fans for worrying them.

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미안해 걱정하지마

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Translation (video): “I completed my last performance in a bit of a flashy way. They said if I take medicine for 3 days I’ll be fine so please don’t worry. I’m sorry I made you guys worry.”


Fans were simply relieved that HyunA was not hurt and wished her a speedy recovery!

Source: My Daily