HyunA Dishes On Working On Her Album With DAWN And What He Means To Her

“People always say that DAWN and I are two opposite people…”

In an interview with W Korea, HyunA discussed her newest album which includes the title track “I’m Not Cool”.

HyunA | W Korea

HyunA first revealed what it’s like to work under P Nation with PSY and also her rapper boyfriend DAWN.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

This is my first time I worked on the title song as a collaboration rather than alone. PSY and DAWN almost became ‘HyunA’s team.’ Each threw their ideas out one by one, so the work went in a good direction. This is the first time I have ever worked like this. I usually worked by myself. When I look back, it was like homework. The guidelines were set for what needed to be done by when so I would systematically prepare myself, but this time, a group of people came together and tried to work in relaxed manner.

— HyunA

HyunA also dished that DAWN helped suggest ideas for the lyrics with a “viper concept“.

Each time I prepare for an activity, I think about which character to show, this time it was a viper. As soon as I listened to the song for the first time, I thought, ‘This is a snake song’. DAWN, who was listening to the song next to me, suggested the lyrics, ‘There’s nothing more poisonous that me, i’m a than me, viper.” The appearance is so unique, the viper dazzles people, but it’s also poisonous, so no one can think of touching it. It seems that I also have such a duality. Even though I want to be kind, I want to be infinitely bad on the stage, and on some days I want to look cute and then suddenly look sexy.

— HyunA

It appears that DAWN had a lot of influence on HyunA and her new album. She also stated that their opposite personalities help make things go well.

I’m the type who can’t just coast through life. My yearly schedule is always filled, whether it be with lessons or other plans. I need to live in a scheduled way in order to feel at ease. People always say that DAWN and I are two opposite people—one who is flexible and goes with the flow, and one who is the most systematic.

— HyunA

Toward the end of the interview, the interviewer mentioned when W Korea spoke with DAWN and asked him what kind of person HyunA is. The interviewer shared the compliments he gave to his girlfriend and HyunA’s response was just as sweet.

W Korea: Last fall, I interviewed DAWN, who may be the person closest to you. At that time, I asked him about his girlfriend, HyunA, and what kind of person she was, and he answered that she was a person who could provide mental stability. By the way, he stated he wasn’t a kind man until now, but after meeting you, he became infinitely kind.

HyunA: I think so too. It seems like DAWN is a person who can’t be compared with anything else. He is my most beloved person in the world enough to be the driving force of my life. He is a friend who I can play with without realizing the time passing because of how well we get along, and a rival that gives me musical motivation.

Hyuna continued to share sweet words about DAWN and claimed how he brings her overall happiness.

When I’m stuck in sadness, he can pull me out the quickest, and when I’m tired, he doesn’t scold me and silently cheers me from behind and gives me strength, saying, ‘Well, walk forward,’ ‘how are you?,’ and ‘can you run?’ He is a person who gives me strength. It is something that cannot be exchanged with anything in the world. I can’t imagine a world without DAWN.

— HyunA

When about any personal questions she asks herself, HyunA shared “happiness” is something she tries to  remind herself of from time to time.

A little abstract, but the question ‘Are you happy?’ Whatever it is, they are all trying to make us happy in the end. I keep asking myself when I’m happy and try not to forget that feeling. At the end of the day, I like holding hands with DAWN and going on short walks. I like spending the say at home with no incidents, and I like being on stage.

— HyunA

Clearly, HyunA and DAWN are a great couple that has a relationship full of support, happiness, and of course, love! Fan’s can’t wait for HyunA’s comeback as well as to see more of the couple’s beautiful relationship!