HyunA Reveals Her Younger Brother Hyun Ho In Adorable Sibling Photos

Cutest siblings of 2020!

HyunA recently updated her Instagram with photos of herself spending time with family for the Lunar New Years holiday weekend.


And among these updates, she revealed photos of herself with her younger brother, Hyun Ho!


HyunA and Hyun Ho posed together for adorable sibling selfies, proving that they have the sweetest bond!


Fans couldn’t help but notice how Hyun Ho also had wide eyes, tall nose, and pretty lips just like his sister!

“Wow look at their facial features”

“They have such pretty smiles”

“I’m so jealous of the younger brother”

— K-Netizens


HyunA is 8 years older than Hyun Ho, and perhaps it’s because HyunA has always been doting on him since they were young but they have the cutest sibling bond around!

Source: Top Star News