Hyuna’s Skinship With Hui And E’Dawn Is Causing Discomfort Among Fans

“This doesn’t look good at all. It makes her look desperate.”

The trio Triple H, formed by HyunA and PENTAGON‘s Hui and E’Dawn, is known for a bold, “IDGAF” type of vibe when it comes to their group concept and music.


Since the trio’s debut in 2017, the three members have grown extremely close. This is evident in the members’ interactions among themselves in interviews, live broadcasts, and social media uploads.


Unfortunately, with PENTAGON’s fan base growing since the boy group’s hit track “Shine”, some fans are finding the physical contact between HyunA and the boys “excessive and unnecessary.” 


Not only during an interview, in which HyunA is spotted casually touching Hui and E’Dawn, but in fan cameras and live broadcasts, HyunA is in constant contact with the other Triple H members.


While most fans are glad to see the members be comfortable with each other and found that to be proof of awesome teamwork, some don’t appreciate the level of “Skinship (스킨쉽, physical contact)”.

  • “Can you imagine this being the other way around? If an older male artist kept touching up his two younger, female teammates?”

  • “She just LOVES to be this touchy-feely with boys, huh? Can’t ever keep her hands to herself.”

  • “I’m a fan but honestly, I’m offended. Stop rubbing up against the boys, HyunA. The boys don’t touch HyunA like that. It’s only HyunA putting her hands all over the boys. That’s teamwork? Or it’s because they get along so well, coming from the same agency? I don’t think so. HyunA never did that to her other male partners… What makes me even more upset is the comments that these footages get. They all say, oh the boys must love the attention or that there is so much sexual tension there. I wish the boys never return to doing Triple H with HyunA. I never want to see them like this, ever.”

  • “What, is she lonely these days? She’s like a kitten, all up in the boys’ faces and stuff. This doesn’t look good at all. It makes her look desperate.”

  • “Wow, think about all the hate this group would have gotten if the roles were switched and it was male touching up the females.”

  • “I don’t think the boys are comfortable with this. I don’t see that. I see that they feel pressured to be okay with putting up with her.”


With Triple H’s past and current music videos being on the more scandalous-sexy side, fans are concerned that too much “friendliness” could be of harm to all of the members.


Watch Triple H’s latest “Retro Future” music video here:

Source: Insight