Hyundai Announces New BTS-Created Project, Revealing Behind-The-Scenes HD Photos

The members are involved in the creative process!

South Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company has announced that they’re working on a new project with its ambassadors BTS

Hyundai Worldwide shared on social media that they are working on a new collaborative production with BTS. In a new post featuring RM and J-Hope, it’s revealed that all seven members worked both in front of and behind the camera.

A few behind-the-scenes shots were revealed, showing the men at work. Jimin was shown filming both V and Suga

…as well as collaborating with DirectorΒ Jin!

Up until the official announcement, Hyundai has been secretive.

Yet, the company has subtly been dropping hints over time. We know Producer Suga has been hard at work…

Jimin’s been serving major Director of Photography vibes here!

Jin is, of course, always ready for his close-up! He is a trained actor, after all.

Likewise, we’re always ready to see V on-screen!

Jungkook has been recording something… Are we getting a new song?

It looks so!

Hyundai has said that there were even more clues during BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in L.A. So, what do you think? Any guesses?

We can’t wait to see the finished project on December 12! Look forward to more updates.

Source: @Hyundai_Global