Hyundai Officially Releases BTS’s “IONIQ: I’m On It” Music Video

The music video is out!

The wait is over! On September 2 KST, Hyundai officially released the highly anticipated music video for “IONIQ: I’m On It.”

| Hyundai

According to Hyundai, the video gives “an exclusive look at the different lifestyles of each of the BTS members empowered by IONIQ. The Hyundai IONIQ inspires you to live life your own way, in an eco-friendly way.”

Hyundai has teamed up with BTS once again to bring light to electric vehicles, specifically Hyundai’s new brand, IONIQ.

With BTS continuously breaking barriers across music and culture on a global level, Hyundai hopes to combine BTS’s messages about positivity and individuality through their world of modern mobility.

This appreciation for the power of individuality translates to the world of modern mobility. This desire for experiences that meet with individual lifestyles has been translated into Hyundai’s upcoming dedicated EV line-up brand, IONIQ.


Just as Jimin once said, “Individually we all look for different things in life but collectively we come together for a better future.”

| Hyundai

This collaboration with BTS will help “connect people with electrified individual experiences.”

For this special project, we have all focused on individual moments that are important to us. For me, time for inner self is extremely important, I believe we all need time for reflection to be able to grow.

⁠—RM, Hyundai article

Watch the official music video below!