Hyundai Had To Stop Pre-Orders Of Their Car Because Of EXO-CBX

EXO-L purchasing power has reached a whole new level.

Hyundai has stopped pre-orders of their KONA electric SUV because the cars became too popular, with a little thanks to EXO-CBX.

EXO-CBX’s CF appeared in January 2018 on Korean TVs.


The company started turning down pre-orders because they met 150% of their 12,000 targeted pre-orders by mid-April 2018. Overselling by 5,000, they received more than 18,000 pre-orders since January 15.


While the words “sold out” and “EXO” together doesn’t come as much as a surprise, thanks to numerous expensive items worn or pictured with EXO and EXO-CBX members immediately selling out, the sheer richness of EXO-Ls is a bit of a shock!

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Earlier this year, Baekhyun posted this picture of his breakfast, tagging the name of the bakery. By the end of the day the bakery was completely sold out of all menu items and swamped with orders, having to stop pre-orders to backfill their already over-sold quota.


It’s also been documented that EXO-Ls are able to buy expensive clothes worn by the members many times – for example, the BURBERRY bag Kai carried at the airport once completely sold out.


But a $45,000 car is a whole new level of richness!

“Mass-buying CARS???? I always know EXO-Ls are rich fandom but this is another level.”

“EXO-Ls’s purchasing power is awesome.”


One thing is certain – anything EXO and EXO-CBX touch turn to gold!

Source: Business Korea and Pann Nate