Hyundai Group And SK Group’s Grandsons Booked For Illegal Drug Use

Burning Sun Reporter claims there are more names that’ll be unveiled soon.

Amidst the recent scandal surrounding Burning Sun and BIGBANG‘s Seungri, reporters had vowed that there was a bigger picture behind the celebrities that were involved. It appears that the bigger picture was the top 1% social class in South Korea. Three chaebols (families of conglomerate founders) were recently booked with illegal drug use.

Hwang Hana, the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Product‘s founder, was revealed to be reportedly involved in drug trafficking and Burning Sun.


Since her news broke, SK Group‘s grandson was arrested under the suspicion of purchasing liquid marijuana about 5 times between March and May of 2018. He had allegedly used an encrypted messenger to contact his seller, who then shipped it to him in a disguised parcel.


The grandson was caught when the police arrested the seller in February. During their investigations, they discovered the seller’s connections to SK Group‘s grandson, as well as the grandson of Hyundai Group‘s founder.

The Hyundai Group’s grandson allegedly used the same messenger device to purchase illegal drugs. He is currently living abroad, so the police plan on arresting him as soon as he lands back in Korea.


Although chaebols from three of the most famous conglomerates have been booked, reports claim that there are many more chaebol socialites that are involved with illegal use of drugs. The police are currently still in the midst of investigating the drug seller’s contact list, and the Burning Sun reporter personally announced on his Instagram that there are more names that will slowly be revealed.

“I met up with my seniors from other media companies to share what I know and receive help. SK and Hyundai’s kids were revealed after Hwang Hana’s news broke.

These kids are slowly being removed. I know a couple more chaebols involved but I’m sure they will be revealed through the police investigations.

All I have left is to type up a title. I’m sure it’ll take a long time….”

— Reporter Oh Hyuk Jin

Source: YTN and Yonhap News

Burning Sun Scandal

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