Hyunjin Says He “Loves” Himself Too Much To Trade His Soul With Another Stray Kids Member

We all need to learn self-love from Hyunjin.

Hyunjin had a pretty unique response when he was asked whether he would want to exchange his soul with another Stray Kids member for a day.

During a Twitter Q&A with Spotify Thailand, the members answered several fan questions.

The other members answered the question as expected, stating the member that they wanted to trade their souls with.

Lee Know stated that he wanted to be Felix for a day so that he could experience having such a deep voice.

In turn, Changbin revealed that he wanted to exchange souls with Lee Know because he wanted to look at the world through Lee Know’s 4D personality.

And the oldest member, Woojin, wanted to trade souls with the maknae I.N because he wanted to go back to school for a day.

While the members chose someone else that they wanted to be, Hyunjin had a pretty curt answer to the question.


The other Stray Kids members were surprised by his response, and jokingly acted offended.

Changbin even asked Hyunjin why he didn’t want to trade souls with him.

Why? Why nobody? What about me?

Felix joked that it was because Hyunjin “loved” himself.

Surprisingly, Hyunjin pointed out that this was the exact reason. Just like the chorus of labelmate ITZY’s debut song, Hyunjin professed his appreciation of who he was.

I love myself.

The other members all nodded in affirmation, showing that they understood why he answered the way that he did.

Even though each of the Stray Kids members had their advantages and traits, Hyunjin still loves being himself and living his own life.

It is clear that he has learned to love himself and appreciate his features and talents. His self-assurance and confidence is something that fans are hoping they can achieve.

So, in the end, it turns out that Hyunjin may have had the perfect answer to the question. And every Stray Kids member has a lot of reasons to keep their souls the way that they are.

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